The Y-Zone programme is aimed at providing after school –care programmes for school going children aged 6-18 in a safe environment where they are afforded an opportunity to grow in all areas of their lives in 7 different sites.

The following are regular activities in any Y-Zone programme:

      • Homework supervision
      • Sports
      • Life-skills, economics and Leadership training (at an appropriate level)
      • Performance and creative Arts: dance; music; drama; poetry; drawing
      • Numeracy and Literacy
      • Reading
  • Add-ons which enhance the programme include access to computer training, and entrepreneurial education opportunities relevant to the community and the lives of the children.TEEEP is a fun and creative way to learn the basics of economics and entrepreneurship. Each session is led by a TEEEP group leader and trained volunteers. Sessions include hands-on activities, songs, games and stories to engage the learners and to relate each session to their local community and its economy. Children who participate in the TEEEP program learn to:
  • Identify their roles in the economy as producers, consumers and savers
  • Understand that they have choices to make every day which impacts their future
  • Develop good decision-making skills
  • Demonstrate an ability to set personal goals
  • Recognize the value of education, to improve their earning capacity and future opportunities
  • Recognize the opportunities to create and sustain their own business

The Y-Zone sites are:

  • Ndongeni Primary
  • Khethamahle Primary
  • Anchor House
  • Wiggins Primary
  • Sukuma Primary
  • Mariannridge Primary
  • Kwa Mashu YMCA

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