The Y-Zone programme is aimed at providing after school –care programmes for school going children aged 6-18 in a safe environment where they are afforded an opportunity to grow in all areas of their lives in 8 different sites.

The following are regular activities in any Y-Zone programme:

      • Homework supervision
      • Sports
      • Life-skills, economics and Leadership training (at an appropriate level)
      • Performance and creative Arts: dance; music; drama; poetry; drawing
      • Numeracy and Literacy
      • Reading, Computer skills and Gardening lessons
  • Add-ons which enhance the programme include access to computer training, and entrepreneurial education opportunities relevant to the community and the lives of the children. (The Economic Entrepreneurship Education Program) TEEEP is a fun and creative way to learn the basics of economics and entrepreneurship. Each session is led by a TEEEP group leader and trained volunteers. Sessions include hands-on activities, songs, games and stories to engage the learners and to relate each session to their local community and its economy. Children who participate in the TEEEP program learn to:
  • Identify their roles in the economy as producers, consumers and savers
  • Understand that they have choices to make every day which impacts their future
  • Develop good decision-making skills
  • Demonstrate an ability to set personal goals
  • Recognize the value of education, to improve their earning capacity and future opportunities
  • Recognize the opportunities to create and sustain their own business


The Y-Zone sites are:

  • Ndongeni Primary


  • Khethamahle Primary

Kethamahle 2

  • Durban YMCA (Anchor House)

Anchor House 1

  • Kwa Mashu YMCA

Kwa Mashu

  • Wiggins Primary


  • Sukuma Primary

Sukhuma 1

  • Mariannridge Primary

Mariannridge 1

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