Skills Development

Computer Centre:

The aim of the YMCA computer centre is to provide an environment for intuitive learning and teaching.

Through the centre, we provide our Computer Skills programme which has the intent of providing a solid IT foundation to enhance your employment opportunities and enrich your interactions with the virtual world.

The programme offers a course for students over a four week period, two days each week. The course covers core parts of the Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office packages. Specifically the following is covered:

  • Computer basics
    • How to use a keyboard and mouse
    • How to work with Windows and the desktop interface
    • How to manipulate windows, dialogs, files and folders
  • Microsoft Word
    • How to create documents such as letters and CVs
    • How to style documents
    • How to add custom content to documents (photos, tables, WordArt, etc)
  • Microsoft Excel
    • How to create documents such as budgets and stock lists
    • How to style spread-sheets
    • How to create formulae and make calculations using Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • How to create presentations
    • How to change presentations designs
    • How to add animations and other effects to slides

Once a student has completed the course they will receive a certificate and will be able to use the knowledge they have attained to pursue jobs which require basic computer skills.


Through this programme we aim to teach people the necessary skills to read, write and speak English and Zulu

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