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Donating via Direct Deposit

The Durban YMCA now offers the functionality of directly depositing a donation to the Durban YMCA by using the service. This service allows you to deposit directly from your Visa or Master Card, making the donation a seemless one.

The Durban YMCA thanks all those that have made donations to the organisation and hope that you can join the 1000`s of people that have Played thier Part.


Using Deposit Donation

This is for those that have not found the comfort in Internet Credit Card trans actions. Please fill out your Name and a valid Contact number so that we can track your deposit and contact you in thanks.

Please Note : The donation needs to be made out by yourself either via EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) of by making a deposit at your bank using the provided banking details.

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Account  Durban Young Men's Christian Association

Acc No.  62022349501

Bank  First National Bank

Branch  Durban

Code  22 02 26

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