Durban YMCA

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About the Greater Durban YMCA at Present

Anchor House, 82 Diakonia Avenue, in the heart of the Albert Park inner-city block, is a 9 storey building with a residence capacity of 104 beds. Accommodation is offered to students during the academic year. During the June/July and December/January university holidays, accommodation is available to all who are looking for affordable self-catering accommodation in a location which is close to the city’s beaches and holiday attractions.

The building, and more specifically its location, provides us with an opportunity to reach into a depressed inner-city community, and we make a real difference through the programmes we offer. We seek to offer healthy alternatives to the general attraction of inner-city living, which are no different from those of London in 1844, or Durban in 1901. Our community has 52 taverns in one square kilometre; a beautiful park which is infested with vagrants and drug dealers; legal and illegal immigrants living in slum conditions, being exploited by slum landlords. Through a variety of programmes offered at children and youth we seek to make a positive impact on the lives of young people in the inner-city and all around the Greater Durban area


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